Thailand!.. One of the best places to shop in the world. Delicious food, classy fashion and modern gadgets. What’s more to ask for from this all-in-one one-stop destination. It has all to offer catering to a variety of styles and of course, budget.

Quality items don’t have to cost a hole to your wallet nowadays. And Thailand definitely is home to superb quality products at very affordable prices, a fraction compared to those in the US and Europe.

Apart from clothing, so what are the best things to buy in Thailand? Lets have a look at our trendy picks and popular items from Thailand.


Product #1: Thai Scarf

Scarfs are must-have items in the wardrobe and Thai scarfs are definitely a pretty choice for the must-have collections. This piece of Thai scarf is so trendy as the color is so vibrant.

Very unique in its patterns and design, the scarf can be worn stylishly in different ways. Whether you want to use it as a shawl to cover your shoulders or wrap it around your neck, the beautiful design and pattern of this scarf from Thailand will make you look very fashionable and upscale.

Comes in two patterns: Blue/red & Blue/black


Product #2: Thai Kitchen Wooden Set

No matter how much we eat out nowadays at the must-go-to restaurants and cafes, there is definitely no place like home. And one of our favorite spots at home is the kitchen! For comfy home-cook meals, a functional spatula set is a must!

This Thai set of wooden spatulas and cooking flippers are very minimalist in design, making it the in-trend set to have in the kitchen. Can cook your favorite soup, make a bowl of salad or for those wanting yummy fried food, the spatulas can also be use for frying. The best part is this set comes in a set of 6 pieces. Awesome!

Price: ฿87.45

Product #3: Thai Pillow

More about the comforts at home, a must-grab rare item to have are traditional Thai pillows. Hmm.. not sure what it looks like right? As per the real illustration below, the pillow comes in a rectangular-boxed shape. The size of the boxed-shaped is aimed to provide comfort and support to the neck.

When the head is rested on the Thai pillow, the pillow does not sink as the pillow will still remain in shape. Other uses of this Thai pillow are that it can also be used an arm rest, back support or even a bolster. Very multi-functional!

Price ฿95.00


Product #4: Coconut oil body lotion

Other popular items from Thailand are coconut oil related items, apart from well-known Thai aromatic products. This unique item from Thailand is coconut oil body lotion. Very light in texture and fragrant from Thai coconut aroma.

Don’t worry, it does not contain any harmful substances such as alcohol or perfume. The lotion is extracted from 100% pure coconut oil. Our favorite use of coconut oil body lotion is to apply the oil after a hot shower or can even use the oil as a nourishing dip in the hot tub.

For those who desire smooth and silky hair, although the product says it’s a body lotion, the oil can also be applied on wet hair as an extremely pure and healthy hair treatment. After having it on for 10-15 minutes, once the hair is rinsed, the hair will instantly be superbly smooth and silky. Oops, just spilt a secret!

Price: ฿199.00

Product #5: Coconut oil soap

How about more coconut oil products from Thailand? A handmade luxury soap from coconuts! Can use it as bathing soap or even a soap to hygiene your hands, it will leave the skin pure and nourished.

Can be used as often as you want as the soap, like the coconut oil body lotion does not contain any harmful substances. A good alternative or even substitute to other soaps that leave your skin dry after use. Yes, another best buy from Thailand!

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Product #6: Tiger Balm

Another popular item that people seek from Thailand is Thailand’s famous medical balm – Tiger Balm. This is the newest product of Thai’s Tiger Balm vs. the traditional balm that comes in small circular tubs.

This newest Tiger Balm comes in a newly designed convenient tube – as this new medical cream is to release tension from the neck and shoulders. The non-greasy texture is to be applied at tense areas of the neck and shoulders with a rub.

For those who have stiff neck and shoulders from sitting in-front of the computer for too long or had an aching workout from the gym, this Thai medical cream is the most effective and painless solution to be used. Other areas such as tensions at the joints, muscles, arms and legs can also be applied.

Product #7: Massage Patches

For those who opt for medical patches, Tiger Balm also has medical-plastered patches for relief of muscular pains/tensions. Can be easily placed on tensed areas underneath your shirt during the day or PJs for those want to remove the patches in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Comes in two types: Warm (red) & Cool (green)

a. Warm (red)

b.Cool (green)


Product #8: Instant Thai Milk Tea

Now lets switch to Thai beverages and snacks. Yummy! The most well-known Thai beverage is definitely Thai milk tea! Don’t need to fly to Thailand and you can enjoy Thai milk tea at home or even in the office. Sounds good eh?! Nestea is very popular brand in Thailand, known for Thai tea products. The newest to Nestea, this Thai milk tea’s taste is not mild, because it is highly concentrated of Thai milk tea. For even a heavier taste, feel free to add as many spoons of Thai milk tea powder as you wish. And don’t forget to add ice (a must) or milk (for milk lovers) into your cup! Ahh! Refreshing!

Price: ฿275.00

Product #9: Thai Doi Chang Coffee

Thai coffee is one of the must-try and must-grab product from Thailand. One of the most popular and prominent coffee brand in Thailand is ‘Doi Chang’. Doi Chang has many local coffee cafes around town in parallel to their own brand of coffee bean products.

Yes, fragrant coffee beans picked freshly from local Thai coffee plantations. Super fragrant – Espresso Supreme Medium to Dark Taste Coffee Beans. It is globally certified which means this local Thai coffee bean is locally produced and internationally qualified & recognized.

Put these coffee beans into your coffee making machine and the taste wouldn’t make you disappointed.

Price: ฿300.00


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