Loose Powders to get in Thailand for Flawless Skin

Have you ever wonder the secrets to flawless skin? How those female celebrities and movie stars have such clear and smooth complexion? The secret recipe to their makeup is loose powder!

The trick is to apply loose powder after the liquid foundation to seal the moist off the liquid foundation to facilitate the make up to last longer. Other benefits of loose powder are that it prevents makeup from fading or running off during the middle of the day.

For women with oily skin, wearing loose powder is a necessary as it will help to control oil (which too much oil on the face will lead to acne) and keeps the face radiant.

Loose powders are very popular in Thailand. It is a big hoo-hah for females as it is the must-have item for make-up. Thailand is very well-reputable for affordable quality Thai cosmetics and skin care products. Lets have a look at the popular loose powders from Thailand that needs to be grabbed.

[LOOSE POWDER #1 – Srichand Translucent Powder]

‘Srichand’ is the number 1 brand in Thailand famous for its translucent powder that makes skin and make-up light and flawless. Their loose powder is very light in texture and accommodates all skin types and tones.

It is the perfect match to be applied after liquid foundation has been applied – as Srichand’s loose powder will not change the color of the original foundation.

Another highlight of this Srichand Translucent Powder is it helps to control the oiliness of the skin, not making the face oily throughout the day. The loose powder’s light and long-lasting texture is fragrance-free and is not tested on animals.

The loose powder comes in a very attractive package that is Thai and modern in style. The loose powder tub also contains a purple puff that is very stylish and the tub itself is very compact – very convenient to be placed both on the cosmetics table at home or even in the make-up bag. Must grab!

Srichand Translucent Powder
Price: ฿348.00
Srichand Translucent Powder

[LOOSE POWDER #2 – Mistine BB Baby Face Loose Powder]

‘Mistine’ is the top Thai cosmetics brand in the Thailand. If asked any female in Thailand about Mistine and they haven’t heard about this brand before, then they are surely not a true Thai.

‘Mistine BB Baby Face Loose Powder’ is Mistine’s newest loose powder to Mistine’s BB collection. This BB baby face loose powder uses the newest innovation, BB baby micro powder, to transcent skin imperfections and its texture is very light & gentle like youth’s complexion.

This Mistine loose powder contains ‘young Korean raspberry’ as one of its key ingredients to provide moist when applied to skin so the skin is not overly-dry and radiant. The powder also helps to prevent dullness to the skin from pollution, hence, allowing the skin to have the healthy look.

Mistine BB Baby Face Loose Powder
Price: ฿ 149.00

[LOOSE POWDER #3 – Oriental Princess Beneficial Healthy Glow Translucent Loose Powder]

‘Oriental Princess’ is another well-known Thai brand for its Thai cosmetics. Their loose powder is called ‘Oriental Princess Beneficial Healthy Glow Translucent Loose Powder’.

The color of the powder is relatively transparent which can be applied to all skin tones. Its texture is also very fine and can help to cover up wrinkles, glowing the skin to become shiny and more radiant.

Once applied, the color of the loose powder gives a natural touch as the loose powder contains extracts from lotus seed which helps to boost the skin like anew. Oriental Princess’s loose powder also contains ‘sebum fix powder’ that helps to prevent bacteria to the face which provides a fresh look to the skin.

Oriental Princess Beneficial Healthy Glow Translucent Loose Powder
Price: ฿ 324.00

[LOOSE POWDER #4 – Pure Care BSC Benefit Talcum Free Loose Powder]

Pure Care BSC Benefit Talcum Free Loose Powder provides a smooth and soft texture which is suitable for sensitive skin. It consists of oily-clear powder which promotes good skin adhesion, while reducing excessive sebum and gives the face a natural looking finishing-touch. BSC’s loose powder nourishes the skin to slow down premature aging and glowing the skin to look healthier and younger.

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[LOOSE POWDER #5 – Lalil Talc Free Translucent Loose Powder]

Lalil’s transculent loose powder is talcum free which not only is the powder suitable for females with sensitive skin, but it is also suitable for mothers raising young children because the powder is safe if young children happened to touch the mother’s face.

In addition, the texture is also very light and be applied to a variety of skin tones, controlling oil and covers up wrinkles and pores perfectly. It gives the natural glow instantly as it contains key natural and organic ingredients such as organic corn starch, organic rice starch and oat kernel extract. For organic lovers, this is the definitely the loose powder for you!

[LOOSE POWDER #6 – Innis Free No Sebum Mineral Powder]

‘Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder’ differs from other loose powders as their loose powder is white. The No Sebum Mineral Powder is the #1 loose powder from Innisfree – it controls the skin’s oil and has natural extracts from Jeju Island.

This loose powder also has light fragrance from natural herbs and the white-colored loose powder enhances the true colors of the foundation. It is suitable for many skin tones and types especially acne-prone skin.

[LOOSE POWDER #7 – Cute Press Evory Perfect Skin Plus Vitamin E Loose Powder]

‘Cute Press’ is another well reputable brand for female cosmetics in Thailand. Its ‘Evory Perfect Skin Plus Vitamin E Loose Powder’ is ultra-fine in texture and silky smooth. Once applied, the powder’s smoothness provides a natural and flawless finish. The powder is enriched with vitamin E to balance and maintain the skin’s moisture level and helps to prevent premature aging. The packaging of the loose powder’s container is very classy in design as it comes with a golden and yellow cover Very stylish!

Cute Press Evory Perfect Skin Plus Vitamin E Loose Powder
Price: ฿ 153.36

[LOOSE POWDER #8 – Mille Translucent Loosed Powder]

‘Mille Translucent Loosed Powder’ is one of our top favorites in Thailand for loose powder – this loose powder is the newest formula to Mille’s loose powder collection!

It has a very soft touch and gives smoothness to the skin, beautifying the skin to become more natural and reduces oiliness, covering up pores. Its key ingredients are also organically natural, containing corn starch, tea tree oil and safflower oil – which overall synergizes to enrich the skin, detox dead cells, prevent bacteria and prevents premature aging. This is a must-have!

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