Must Buy Beauty Products in Bangkok

The popularity of Thai cosmetics and skincare have been on the rise throughout recent years. Thanks to famous Thai actresses and female celebrities from soap operas and worldwide fashion stages that boost the image of Thai cosmetics and skincare.

As such, Thai beauty products are now on par and for many Thai brands, they even outshine beauty products from Japan and Korea in terms of superior quality and affordable prices.

Out of the numerous brands in the beauty market, we have selected the top well-known Thai brands and latest beauty products that both Thai and foreign urbanites are crazing about. No need to buy an air ticket to Bangkok, it’s all here on this page for your beauty updates and access.

[BEAUTY BRAND #1 – Mistine]

If you think of a young Korean beauty brand, ‘Etude’ or ‘Laneige’ will most likely be the brands that pop up in your head. As ‘Etude’ or ‘Laneige’ is to Korea, ‘Mistine’ is the beauty brand to Thailand as Mistine is a true Thai brand of origin.

It is the number one cosmetic in Thailand as its passion is to be in the heart of every Asian girl. From lipsticks, powder, eyeshadow, mascaras, and the list goes on, here we have laid out their immortal products for your beauty and make-up collection.

[Mistine beauty product #1 – Lipstick]

Mistine is very popular for their colorful and vibrant lipsticks. This collection is called ‘Mistine Venus Forever Perfect Moist Matte Lip’. The texture is very smooth with light coating.

Once applied, it doesn’t make your lips flaky like some other brands, as it contains vitamin E and key natural ingredients to moisturize the lips. If you like moisturizing and lightly flossed colored lipsticks, these lipsticks are definitely for you. The colors are long lasting and comes in a variety of 4 modern colors for selection: 1) red, 2) orange, 3) pink and 4) nude.


Price: ฿99.00

[Mistine beauty product #2 – Mascaras]

There’s a classic female proverb saying that “the eyes are the windows to the heart”. For beautiful eyes, we need mascaras. Yes, with more mascaras, the more attractive our eyes become, opening more doors to all hearts that our eyes have sight on. Ah-hum, particularly with that hot male eye-candy of ours.

Whip it up with ‘Mistine Super Model Miracle Lash Mascara’! It will elongate your eyelashes up to 4x making your eyelashes longer and thicker. How is this possible?

The mascara itself has two sides: 1) the white stem as the first step to preliminary set and coat the lashes; and 2) after a few seconds, apply the other side, the black stem to thicken and darken the lashes. It’s that simple, and you too can look like a super model.


[BEAUTY BRAND #2 – Cosluxe]

To enhance the seduction of our eyes, eyebrow pencils are definitely another essential to the around-the-eye look. ‘Cosluxe’, pronounced as ‘Cos-looks’, is an urbanista-Thai brand that is so famous for its popular eyebrow pencils known as the ‘Cosluxe Slim Brow Pencil’.

Imagine looking so classy, and after the Mistine mascara, an even more elegant look with the application of this slim brow pencil to the brows. Yes, more seduction…

 Slim Brow Pencil

The tip of the pencil is only 1 mm, so thin that you can shape and style your brows as you like – but of course, not fragile that it will break off. After that, finishing it off with the brush on the other side of pencil to give the brows a finishing touch.

The Slim Brow Pencil comes in 5 colors: 1) deep brown, 2) caramel, 3) smoke, 4) latte and 5) soft black. Choose your eye look ladies.

 Slim Brow Pencil
Price: ฿125.00

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[BEAUTY BRAND #3 – Srichand]

Let us spill you another beauty secret! Sometimes we wonder why the skin complexion of Thai movie stars and celebrities are so smooth? This is it guys – the answer is… loose power.

Yes, loose power. And ‘Srichand’ is the Thai brand that is superb for loose powder that suits all skin tone and complexion. Whether you have lighter or darker skin tone, this translucent powder beautifies all.

 srichand translucent powder

The texture of it is like baby powder – soft, refined and light. The secret is to apply the loose powder after foundation is applied to the face. After the creamy foundation is applied and dried on the face, apply the loose powder as the consecutive step.

This will help brighten the complexion together with oil control so that your face remains brightened and non-oily throughout the day. A last touch with one of your powder cakes finishes the look. Yes, that’s the secret.

The loose powder comes in unique and colorful packaging with a feminine and Thai touch.

 srichand translucent powder

Once the case is opened, there is a puff for the loose powder to be applied. Super convenient! A must-try!

[BEAUTY BRAND #4 – Sivanna]

Last but not least, how can we forget… eyeshadow! We love eyeshadows. The trend now is all about natural looks and earthtones. ‘Sivanna’ is a newborn Thai brand that produces international fashion looks.

This multi-natural colored eyeshadow is a classic collection of ‘Sivanna Colors Story’ – the classic earthtone eyeshadow palette.

There are 3 different palettes with a variety of glamourous earthtone colors. In each palette, there are 12 colors for your selection to beautify your eyes according to your style. Very naturally luscious indeed.

Price ฿ 189.00

For those who opt for a more all-in-one-option, this is it ladies… The Sivanna Colors Pro Make Up Palette! It’s the bestseller of all times as it has it all – eyeshadow, lipstick, powder foundation, blush-ons. Yes, all-in-one! What a bargain, because it’s so worth it!

Again, this must-have beauty collection comes in 3 all-in-one palettes. The difference between each palette is the colors of the eyeshadows. Pick your look! What a piece of beauty!

Getting Bangkok’s Must Have Beauty Products

No need to fly to Bangkok to hassle through the congested traffic to purchase beauty products from the Land of Smiles.

Beauty secrets and products of Bangkokians have been eloquently selected on this page in just one to few clicks. Scroll back up above to browse again on these beauty products.

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