Top Clothing Brands made in Thailand

Thailand is one of the top countries in Asia that has unique fashion as many Thai clothing brands are crazed and worn by international celebrities. Fashion catwalks also stage Thai fashion and clothing brands, as Thai brands are recognized for their unique designs and fine details to stitching.

Here, we have selected the top clothing brand names and famous clothing lines by Thai designers whom their clothing-fashion have been staged on international catwalks for your updates and selection.


Disaya is a beloved brand in Thailand amongst chic and young female urbans for over a decade. The brand is led by the designer-owner, Disaya, who studied fashion in the UK and named her clothing brand under her name.

The brand is known for their release of Vogue-worthy items and international celebrities are also in love with their clothing, wearing them in the spotlight on multiple occasions.

Disaya’s clothes are very versatile as you wear the brand’s collection as a daily casual-wear or grand events. Their pieces are timelessly elegant as the clothes’ design put details into stitching and sewing. It is the must-have choice for stylish and classy women.


This is a very unique and versatile piece. So chic that you can wear it to the mall for a day out with your girl friends or even to afternoon high-tea with tall stilettos. Super classy!

Price: ฿7,990.00

The material of the entire shorts-outfit is very soft and light, suitable to be worn on warm and sunny day.

However, for a slightly cooler day, a business suit can be worn on top for a more formal occasion, or even a cardigan for a not-so-formal event.

The sizes can be referred to in the matrix accordingly.


Another astonishing piece from Disaya! Gasp… ! It’s a casual and formal jumpsuit! Yes, 2-in-1. Bright, classy turquoise-blue in color, the front is stitched with fluffy laces by the sides, which those laces are tied to the back, featuring and showing your sexy back.

Price: ฿18,900.00

We love it!. Dress it up with glamourous make up and accessories, and you’ll be ready to rock the scene. This piece will also make you look thinner and slender as its length is slightly below the ankles, so you can wear the heals to pump up your height. Awesome!

Choose your sizes as per the matrix!


This piece is another superb piece. It’s a denim jacket hand-stitched with colorful and flowery florals. Not often do you see such fashionable denim jackets as other denim jackets are all denimed in one entire piece, nothing exciting, unlike this piece that is truly unique and stylish.

Size chart as per the table


If you’re wondering how to match the above denim jacket, pair it up with this matching pair of jeans. It will make a set!

The top part of the jeans is denim and the floral flowers are uniquely stitched to below knee-length. Super stylish! Or else, can event style this floral denim jeans with your favorite t-shirt! Works well too!

Price: ฿8,990.00


Kloset is a Thai clothing brand founded in 2001 that has gained a reputation as a Thai designer’s brand that celebrates femininity. Kloset’s clothing collection caters to customers of all ages and occasions.

Other than fashionable clothes, the brand also creates accessories, stationery, shoes, and other items. However, they are most popular for their chic clothing.

[KLOSET #1 – Kloset x Gentlewoman Black & White Polkadot]

For ladies who love classic and chic clothing, this black and white polkadot dress from Kloset needs to be splurged on. Elegant for both daily wear or party occasions, black and white polkadots are the eternal classic.

The sizes of the polkadots on the dress, with smaller sizes on the shoulder, make this piece formally playful. The switching of black and white bases along the arms and waist, adds a further twist. Classy and stylish!

The appropriate sizes for this stylish polkadot dress can be referred to in the chart.

[KLOSET #2 – Kloset x Gentlewoman Navy Blue Polkadot]

For those who love this dress to be a little bit more than the classic black and white, how about wearing this dress in navy blue, but still with black and white polkadots decorated along the arms and waist.

The dress is so comfortable and allows swift body movements while the dress is worn, as the front part of the dress is cutted up at the bottom to facilitate this. One of our all time favorites!


Lalida is a true Bangkokian brand that is stylishly well-known for their fashionable tops for female fashionistas. Their style is very trendy for the modern woman in the 21st century and is worn by the true urban ladies. Lets have a look at a few selections of Lalida’s collection.


The first top by Lalida is the Lalida Official Jasper Top. The sleeveless top is so awesome for outdoors and the long bow at the side of the top makes this piece an extra must-have!

Two pink tones in one top makes this piece ultra-feminine, but yet cool and chic in the same look. So what are you waiting for??! Grab it!


Last but not least, another stylish top showing off one side of your sexy shoulders. Wooh! No, it’s not another black or dark grey piece, but a unique khaki green.

Yes it’s khaki green! Not only does this piece show the sexiness of the shoulders, the side of the top also has a bow tied to the side at the bottom.

Another super ultra-feminine and cool look. Style it with shorts or denim, you will look superbly perfect for a casual day out to the coffee shop or even upscale shopping malls.

If you want to spice it up, where accessories to dress up the look. As its name, Lalida Official Milan Top, you’ll look like you’re from Milan, Italy. Must-grab!




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