Bangkok Airport is one of the best places to shop, as it is superb, comparative to shopping at other famous Asian airports like Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

In addition to Bangkok’s downtown Don Muang Airport for low-cost airlines, Bangkok’s Suvannabhumi Airport is the more internationally renowned airport welcoming and departing tourists from-and-to around the world.

Serving as the international door to/from Thailand, lets have a look at the best items to obtain from Bangkok Airport.


# Product 1 – Lancome Magic Voyage Compact

What to say about Lancome? Nobody doesn’t know about Lancome, as Lancome is one of the world’s most famous international brand for makeup!

The must-grab item from Bangkok Airport is Lancome’s bestselling eyeshadow and lipgloss compact palette – known as the “Magic Voyage Lip & Eye Compact Makeup Palette.”

Because it is so compact, it is so handy to have it in the handbag for quick touch ups during the day. Absolutely love the lip gloss, as the texture and colors are not overly heavy, giving your lips a light and shiny glow throughout the day.

For the colors of the eyeshadow, can create a smoky look with the black/grey and brown color combos or even a lighter tone with the baby pink highlights. So-many-in-one, awesome!

# Product 2 – Chanel Six-in-One Beauty Essentials Set

Chanel Six-in-One Beauty Essentials Set
Price: ฿ 2,814.00

For Chanel lovers, who can resist this “Chanel Six-in-One Beauty Essentials Set”? Yes, six-in-one! Liquid foundation, eyeshadow palette, mascara, red lipstick, pencil eyeliner and Chanel’s classy Chance perfume.

Comes in a very presentable Chanel box set, making this beauty essentials set very suitable as a gift for your good friends and/or even a splurge for yourself! What an indulgence to die for! Irresistible!


# Product 3 – Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Travel Set (4 Colors)

For lipstick die-hard fans, having more lipsticks is the most intelligent choice for stylish women (or even a surprise gift for your girlfriend or wife). This “Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Set” has 4 intense velvet colors.

Once applied, yours lips will be beautified with this matte coating and shine with gloss. With these lipsticks coming in a travelers set, it is undeniably one of the best grabs from Bangkok Airport. Very sensual and attractive colors indeed.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Travel Set (4 Colors)
Price: ฿ 2,290.00

# Product 4 – Tom Ford Lip Color Set (3 Colors)

Can’t get enough of these lip travelers set? Another tip-top brand luxurious for its lipsticks is Tom Ford. The texture is so smooth and silky, giving the lips a classy touch and glam.

For urban Bangkokians, they would fly to Hong Kong to get the latest lipsticks as Tom Ford wasn’t available in Bangkok previously.

However, thanks to the Tom Ford brand being able to be purchased in luxurious malls, including airports nowadays, this Tom Ford Lip Color Set (3 colors) is an attractive must-grab for the fashionista and Tom Ford lovers. Beautiful colors and so worth it!


Product #5 – Kipling Little Box Kicks Bag with Strap

Another popular item at Bangkok Airport is Kipling bags. This is a multipurpose bag that can be used for many occasions. It is very functional as there are many compartments – front, back and inside the bag itself.

It has been designed to be very secure as the compartments are all zipped plus strapped – which the bag’s adjustable long strap can be sling on the shoulders.

For active and adventurous days, this bag is the bag also suitable for outdoor activities as you don’t have to worry about the bag’s material getting dirty, unlike carrying around leather-material bags that you’re always worrying about it having to be polished all the time.

The design is very compact, not too large and not too small. Awesome! Get ready for your next outdoor activity or adventure. This bag will get you so ready for it!

Kipling Little Box Kicks Bag with Strap
Price: ฿ 1,590.00
Kipling Little Box Kicks Bag with Strap

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Product #6 – Kipling Immin Small Shoulder Bag

Kipling Immin Small Shoulder Bag
Price: ฿ 1,550.00

In addition to the Kipling bag above, more Kipling bags! Another cute piece and also comes in a variety of colors: Brilliant blue, Clouded pink, Dark black, Gypsy emerald, Honey orange, and Light blue.

Likewise, this Kipling shoulder bag can be used as a travelling bag or worn on a casual day. The straps can also be adjusted to be sling on the shoulders or held by the hand. Very multipurpose. Cute and fantastic!

Kipling Immin Small Shoulder Bag


Product #7 – Casio Baby G Baby Pink Watch

Watches are also another item to be purchased at Bangkok Airport. Casio Baby G watches are so back in trend nowadays. This watch that we recommend comes in baby pink color, a color that is very cute and rare to find.

Very light in weight, this watch will surely style up your outfit as not only is it functional as a watch, but also can be viewed as a fashionable accessory that will accessorize your look. Whether you want to wear it to the gym or go out to the shops or cafes, the watch is super duper lovely!

Product #8 – Casio Sheen Bright Orange Watch

For those who want a watch that is more formal and yet still look modern and stylish, this Casio Sheen Bright Orange Watch definitely stands out chic and classy. Bright orange straps are very trendy nowadays, as many famous brands now use bright orange to glam up their brand items.

The little crystals embedded in the front of the watch are all Swarovski, giving this piece an upper and elegant touch. This watch can also be waterproofed up to 50 meters. How beautiful and functional this piece of gem is!


Product #9 – L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (Limited Edition)

Last but not least, aromatic hand creams are items that must be looked and purchased from Thailand. If you’ve missed it from town, no worries, can get them at Bangkok Airport! Loccitane is a famous brand known for its collections of hand creams.

One must-have item is the L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream as this is the limited edition! Its sweet pinkish packaging instantly suggests the sweet aroma of the hand cream extracted from cherry blossoms.

Once applied, the texture of the cream absorbed onto the hands, instantly make your hands soft and smell good. What more to say about this luxurious hand cream, because its L’Occitane!

Product #10 – Bioaqua Fragrant Handcream (5 pieces)

How about a full set of hand creams for your final indulgence? For set lovers, this set-item of 5 aromatic hand creams is also a must. The ingredients are all extracted from natural plants.

Therefore, no need to worry about harmful substances when applying the cream onto your beloved hands. Looks yummy with these 5 fragrances – citrus, rose, avocado, blueberry and green tea!

No need to choose as its all packed in one fruity package for your splurge. Fantastic! What are you waiting for! Click!

Bioaqua Fragrant Handcream (5 pieces)

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