What to Buy in Bangkok for Guys

Not only is Bangkok a shopping destination for ladies, Bangkok is also a popular destination that guys like to visit to buy unique products and goods for themselves. Whether on a solo trip, or a holiday trip with your girlfriend or family, these goodies for guys are a must-hunt in Thailand’s capital city. So what are these goods that guys normally hunt down in Bangkok? We have put in all on this page and lets have a look at them.

[PRODUCT TYPE #1 – Muay Thai T-shirts]

First thing that comes to mind for guys about Thailand is Thai kickboxing, or known as ‘muay thai’ in Thai.

Whether it’s hitting the gym to do regular cardio and weightlifting, a run in the park, or going to a kickboxing place, these unique ‘muay thai’ t-shirts are definitely good apparels to stand out from the crowd but still giving guys the masculine look.

We have selected a variety of unique designs for your shopping choices.

[Muay Thai T-shirt #1]

With black as the base, this ‘muay-thai’ t-shirt is unique in design with a tiger and Thai flags on the print.

The design is screened on comfortable clothing (100% cotton) with both the back and front of the t-shirt having muay-thai printing. These t-shirts come in 5 different sizes: S, M, L XL, XXL.

The measurements of the sizes are as follows:

Muay Thai T-shirt #1

[Muay Thai T-shirt #2]

This design is for the more hardcore with a Thai kick into the neck! Ouch, it hurts, but it rocks! Both front and back printing: colored printing in the front with the same design in black & white at the back.

The cloth material is durable and lightweight as it is 100% cotton. Comes in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Muay Thai T-shirt #2
Price: ฿ 260.00

[Muay Thai T-shirt #3]

This masterpiece t-shirt comes with a high knee-kick. Knee it! Kick it! Yeah! For those opting for a piece that is not too catchy, this piece is the deal because of the black background but still contains some colors from the red Thai shorts in the printing to flash it up.

Muay Thai T-shirt #3
Price: ฿ 255.00

Again, front and back in durable and lightweight 100% cotton. Comes in 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) with the measurement chart below.

Muay Thai T-shirt #3

[Muay Thai Singlet #4]

For those into the spirit of Thai tradition and muay thai lovers, this singlet is another option to the short-sleeve t-shirts. This is a die-hard piece as the screened printing comes with an elbow punch!

Muay Thai Singlet #4
Price: ฿ 288.00

Yikes! Printed both front and back of the singlet, the singlet can be selected in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Muay Thai Singlet #4

[PRODUCT TYPE #2 – Soccer shirts]

In addition to Thai kickboxing, we also have must-haves for international soccer fans. We have selected soccer shirts of well-known leagues for your next soccer match / practice, casual wear or even a relaxing day at home in front of the TV with your remote control.

[Soccer shirt #1 – Leicester]

Leicester lovers, this is the piece! Outstanding blue color with King Power logo. With comfortable polyester material, it is super comfy. Goes well with a pair of shorts or denim. This piece has 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Soccer shirt #1 - Leicester
Price: ฿ 300.00

[Soccer shirt #2 – Liverpool]

This jersey is for the die-hard Liverpool soccer fan! The color is crimson red as per the Liverpool league’s color. With Standard Chartered as the white-wording print in the front, the crimson red color base can also match well with any pair of shorts or denim. At this price, what are you waiting for, Liverpool fans.


[PRODUCT TYPE #3 – Formal shirts]

Next on the list are formal long-sleeve shirts that males like to go to Bangkok to buy, because it’s so much cheaper than their foreign home-countries. And guys need formal shirts in the closet, as it is one of a must for guys.

We have selected formal long-sleeve shirts that can be worn for work, business meetings and any formal occasions. Whether you wanna put a necktie or not, these formal long-sleeve shirts can match it all. You can further style it up with your choice of formal trousers and belt.

These shirts come in various sizes and colors:

  • 7 sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL – measurements as per the chart below.
  • 6 colors: White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Blue, Burgundy
Formal shirts

[PRODUCT TYPE #4 – Belt]

Just as girls cannot have enough of handbags, guys cannot have enough of belts too! It’s definitely the IT guy’s accessories that all guys have and should have more.

The “H” belt now is the classic guys belt of all times. Similar to the quality of real, genuine leather, the material of this belt is high quality PU. Super fine design and cutting like the real “H”.

Price: ฿ 166.00

8 styles to splurge on, dudes! With a choice of either the silver or gold metal “H” logo and the base color of black, grey, brown, or blue. At a super, unbelievably affordable price, perhaps you can have it all guys! What are you waiting for?? A super good bargain!


[PRODUCT TYPE #5 – Necktie]

Last but not least, neckties! Don’t need to mention on the brand, uh-hum! Yes, it definite looks high-class with the silk material. The necktie matches well with the long-sleeve shirts that we presented above to add to the male look.

Whether you want the occasion to be very formal or less formal, we have a variety of colors for your shopping selection and choices.

The necktie comes in a very presentable like-real designer box. Very suitable as a gift for your colleague/boss, good guy mate and definitely for yourself Costs very little with a good investment in return for high-class looks. Click, click, click!

5 colors for your purchase! Blue, black, rose red, brown, gray.


No need to physically go to Bangkok! All these must-hunts from Bangkok for guys have all been selected and will arrive at your doorstep after your clicks. Super duper convenient.

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