What to buy in Bangkok for Ladies

Bangkok is a heaven and shopping destination for ladies. Big shopping malls, modern spas, latest trends, you name it. Apart from being world-renowned as the capital of Thailand, it is home to numerous famous fashionistas and internationally known local brands.

We have gathered on the latest of couture of this City of Angels so that you are on top on the insights from the trendiest of what this city has to offer on the latest must-haves.

[PRODUCT CATEGORY #1 – Aromatic spa hand cream]

First thing that comes to mind when we visit Bangkok is the splendid spas and massages. The fragrance of the spas’ aromas surely soothes the stress and calms our senses from our current busy schedules.

The pleasant scent of Thai local herbs and flowers is the aromatic element which elevates the comfort and relaxation of Thai spas.

We have finely selected an array of one of the best well-known Thai brands, Divana, for spa products that in handy in women’s handbags, office desks, bathroom, or even before bed.

At the fraction of an affordable price, you can now enjoy Thai aromatic hand cream within fingertips. As a quick moisturizing, it will sure nourish the skin instantly. Oh how good does it smell!

[Thai hand cream #1 Raya Vedic Rose Pure Fume Purify Organic Hand Cream – 30 ml]

Oooh! Feel and smell the aura of fresh roses. The light aroma of these sensual roses is the latest to the oriental obsession. This moisturizer is a combination of various roses and natural ingredients: tea rose, bulguria rose, natural pines and cloves.

These natural ingredients create a deep, sensual experience to the skin as it will instantly radiate and soften the skin’s texture.

[Thai hand cream #2 White Orchid Holistic Chaka Brighten Collagen Organic Hand Cream 80 ml]

This Thai organic spa hand cream is extracted from natural orchid plants, suitable for nourishing dry skin. Once applied, the touch onto the skin helps to prevent the aging of the skin and wrinkles. The freshness of Thai orchids surely makes the skin feel rejuvenated and revived.

[Thai hand cream #3 Mango Mantra Mega Vitamin Collagen Hand Cream – 80 ml]

This mango aroma lasts on the skin as if you never left a Thai spa in Bangkok. Don’t worry, ants will not come onto your hands because of the mango’s sweetness.

Surprisingly, the mango’s fragrance is quite light and makes the skin extra soft as it contains collagen and vitamins that radiates the skin. Once applied, you can then head back to daily chores as it is not sticky. Definitely a must for mango lovers.

[Thai hand cream #4 Prana Lemongrass Handcream – 30 ml]

Another famous Thai herb is lemongrass, very well known and commonly used in beauty products for Thai people.

With lemongrass as the key ingredient, it elevates skin moisture to optimum levels, rejuvenates firmness and detoxifies dead skin. The aroma of Thai lemongrass will lift your soul and spirits.

[Thai hand cream #5 Amrita Jasmine Immortal Rejuvenate Organic Hand Cream – 30 ml]

Jasmines give a special touch to all types of aroma as it is the King of all Thai flowers. Like its name, immortal rejuvenation revives any tiredness and calms the senses with natural and organic jasmines.

[Thai hand cream #6 Queen of the Night Glory Age Defy Organic Hand Cream – 30 ml ]

Queen of the Night Glory Age Defy Organic Hand Cream – 30 ml
Price: ฿ 380.00

Woah, the Queen of the Night is here. A stronger fragrance and a darker feel for those wanting to be more sensual and mysterious. Made from purple tulips, the cream’s texture helps on skin aging while moisturizing the skin with tulip fragrance.

[PRODUCT CATEGORY #2 – Bangkok urbans’ bags, wallets and purses]

After pampering our hands with fresh Thai aroma like you just came out from a spa, having more bags to the wardrobe always comes in handy.

Bags, wallets, and make-up purses are all that we need to chic up our styles. Lets have a look at the latests from trendy Bangkok.

[The Classic IT Bag]

The Classic IT Bag

‘Merimies’ is a new born brand of Bangkok urbans that is currently very famous amongst international trendsetters. The bag’s stylish design can be worn by the shoulder or chicly carried by the hands.

For those opt for a more classic look, the black and white color is always the infinite classic. Other colors such as bright pink, orange and purple will make you stand out in style from the crowd.

The bag is actually very spacious inside, fitting long wallets and IT gadgets such as the iphone and ipad. Definitely a must to have in the bags closet and collection.


Who can resist another wallet or we should say walletssss. Yes, plural terms are always positive. Definitely a big bargain for the quality at this price. MBK Shopping Center in Bangkok is where we will be heading to if we’re in Bangkok to check out on the latest ‘like-real’ products. But here it is, it’s now here. Love it all, red, pink and green!

[Purse for Make-up]

Imagining we’re still at MBK Mall in Bangkok, these bright-colored and cute make-up purses needs to be splurged on. Put everything it there – lipsticks, powder, hand cream, perfume, blushes, etc. Sooo colorful and very affordable to be true. Yes, too good to be true.

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[PRODUCT CATEGORY #3 – Thai designer branded clothes]

So now that we’re done shopping at MBK Mall, people like to head to Platinum Fashion Mall to indulge on latest clothes and fashion. Here we selected ‘Pomelo’, a local Thai designer brand at retail prices. Yes, another too good to be true.

Pomelo Purpose High-Low Halter Top Women’s Tank Top & Singlet

This piece of wear is very unique. It is short below waist length in the front and long at the back. What a piece of fashion! We love how the top flows down to the side of the waist, not clinging tight onto the body.

Pomelo Tweed Single Button Vest

Imagine walking down the streets and all eyes are on the flowy top. This piece can also be mix and matched as an office top with knee length skirts. Another outfit idea for office meetings.

Tweets! Another piece of extravagance. Very suitable as a casual office suit and matches well with formal attire. Depending on how you want to dress it, the tweets definite adds the touch of class and elegance to any modern look.

Pomelo Strapless Buckle Jumpsuit Women Jumpsuit

Party time! Happy hours! Stylish jumpsuit is so the latest trend for party wear. Whether it’s attending your best girl friend’s party, girl’s dinner or even a sizzling hot date with your handsome guy that you finally secured a date with, this piece is HAWT! Oh don’t even mention that this jumpsuit will make you look like you just came back from Fifth Avenue, New York.

[PRODUCT #4 – Thai accessories for the urban]

 Hats Ladies Flat Sunhat For Holiday


After visiting the spa, shopping for accessories and clothes, having a piece of handmade hat finishes the look. Thai celebrities are now buzzing on Thai handmade woven hats.

Not only does it block out the sun, but it is chic and super stylish. As always, black or white, classic colors and classic look.

Hat Lady Brand Women Flat brim Bowknot Straw cap girls Sun Hat

Hat Lady Brand Women Flat brim Bowknot Straw cap girls Sun Hat
Price: ฿ 199.00

For those wanting to go the extra mile on the urban Bangkok look book, red or pink never fails to bore Bangkokians. Adding a pair of sunnies underneath these Thai handmade hats for urbanistas and fashionistas will spice up the style.

These colorful Thai handmade hats are so popular and trendy nowadays that many of these pieces costs a bomb to your wallet. But at such prices, what are you waiting for.

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