Bangkok is a very popular destination and a heaven to shop for clothes. You can find numerous stylish clothes at various qualities and prices, all in one-stop at Bangkok. Many people fly in to Bangkok just to shop, yes, that’s how popular Bangkok is for shopping. Let us take you to the popular places around Bangkok to see the latest trends and must-have clothes that needs to be grabbed.


Not a common place for tourist, Union Mall is a local neighborhood mall located in the urban Ladprao area in Bangkok. If you’re not looking for touristy shopping places in Bangkok, then Union Mall is the place to come. Coming here, you’ll be surrounded by office ladies and youngsters who visit this mall during the day to check out on the latest city-fashion.

[Product #1 – Trendy office blouse]

The first trendy piece which we want to recommend is the perfect piece for the modern working woman. It is quite difficult to find classic and stylish work attire nowadays. But at such an affordable price and quality satin material, this work blouse makes you look both professional and fashionable in the office. Whether you have to attend meetings during the day, working at your work desk or even out to see customers, you’ll definitely look attractively elegant and professional.

Can mix and match this top with high waist skirt or work pants, and you’re off to work looking very confident – ready for the day!

4 chic colors to choose: (1) Khaki beige, (2) Dark green, (3) Maroon red, and (4) Black. If you can’t choose, why not grab them all!

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL


[Product #2 – Glamorous satin tank top]

For something less formal from Bangkok’s Union Mall, this glamourous satin tank top is another piece on our favorite list. Imagining yourself wearing this sexy top to rock a party or standing out from the crowd on a casual day with your favorite denim shorts or pants, this tank top is definitely one of the IT pieces! The variety of colors all look outstanding and delicious. Yum yum! Sexy! Bright navy blue, white, black, khaki, and green – all for your selection and addition to your wardrobe and fashion! Click click!

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


  • Platinum Mall

After checking out clothes at Union Mall, let us bring you to Platinum Mall! – another must-shop place in Bangkok. Prices are as cheap or even cheaper than Chatuchak Market, but it’s air-conditioned. Be sure to grab and splurge on clothing here at Platinum Mall in Bangkok because all the clothes are so in trend and stylish that you wouldn’t be able to resist.

[Product #3 – Sexy satin dress]

Just can’t get enough of fashionable satin clothes? We want to recommend this sexy satin dress – super sexy, super fashionable, and of superb quality. To be precise, if you’re looking for an affordable mini dress to be worn to cocktail parties or even sips at high-end bars with your girl gangs, then this is the masterpiece for you. Once worn, this dress will make you look irresistibly sexy and stunning. Can style it up with see-through stockings too for that extra sexy look.

  • Two colors: Army green and Khaki orange
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL


  • Srinakarin Night Market

Local Bangkokians love to go to Srinakarin Night Market. This night market is famous for modern antique and super good for local-clothes shopping. Although a bit of a distance from Bangkok’s city center, it’s the one of the best spots to shop for local clothes at local prices. Lets see the items that we have hunted and recommend from this famous local night market.

[Product #4 – Double strap V tank top]

Another super favorite piece of ours is this double strap V tank top! The V shape designed at the neck allows you to display your stylish necklace and accessories that can be worn with this V tank top. The metal circle at the strap surely makes this piece stand out with simple elegance – yes, simplicity is the trend nowadays. Don’t worry if you want to wear this elegant top to the office, because you can style this piece with a business suit. And after office hours, the suit can be removed for a night out or casual evening. What a perfect piece and the price is sooo affordable. What a bargain!

  • Four colors: Khaki beige, Navy blue, Black, and White
  • Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL


  • Siam Square

Siam Square is the famous shopping place in the inner heart of Bangkok – like Myeong Dong in Seoul and Orchard Road in Singapore, but Siam Square differs in terms of fashion style and store displays. Apart from fashionable clothing, Siam Square has designer stores that displays urban Bangkokian designers’ masterpieces. Be sure to spot Thai movie stars and famous Thai celebrities in this area as Siam Square is one of their regular spots to shop for Bangkok’s modern designer clothing.

[Product #5 – Chotika IT Dress]

One of our favorite Thai designer collection is this Chotika IT dress. This cotton material dress is hand-sewn in terms of the dress’ design and stitching, making this no-shoulder dress very unique and refined with a casual class of touch. How the dress bares the shoulders and tugs at the side of the arms will definitely make you look extremely attractive. The dress also hugs at the waist, emphasizing your feminine figure and flows right down way below the knee – so no worries about moving around in the dress freely. Can wear it with slippers, sneakers or even stilettos – it’s your call! Will all match with this dress and you’ll look awesome!

  • Sizes are as per the chart sizes as follows:



[Product #6 – Ruffles designer top]

What a pretty piece this top is! It’s feminine but not overly girly. We lovvvee the ruffles and the way the top has been designed to be sewn with black flowers stitching. For those who love classic black and white, but want an assertive and yet feminine look, this top is THE gorgeous piece for you. The V shape neck and the straps spice up the front and shoulders as you can glamorously show off your radiant skin. Be sure to wear a strapless bra when wearing this top. Wooh! Gorgeous!

  • Size chart for this gorgeous ruffles top:


  • MBK Mall

Last but not least, no one can deny that one of must-go places to shop for clothes in Bangkok is MBK Mall – super duper good place to check out like-real items. Very convenient to have access to MBK as the mall is directly connected to the BTS sky train, lets have a good on our selected items for your purchase.

[Product #7 – Supreme T-shirt]

Supreme! Yes it’s the so in-trend item at the moment. Whats more to say about like-real t-shirts.. super affordable, super comfy and you can purchase all that you want and look super stylo to match it up with denim, shorts, pants, skirts, or whatever bottoms of your choice, you name it! It all goes well! Splurge now on all the colors for your selection.

A variety of sizes as follows:

Size Bust (cm) Arm’s length (cm) Top’s length (cm) Top’s width (cm) Body Weight (kg)
S 100 19 56 36 35-45
M 104 20 58 38 45-55
L 108 21 60 40 55-60
XL 112 22 62 42 60-70
XXL 116 23 64 44 70-75
3XL 120 24 66 46 75-85


[Product #8 – Nike T-shirt]

Just can’t get enough of these t-shirts? For sports lovers, this Nike tee is another great option! Yes, once again, with a variety of sizes and colors for your indulgence! Can wear it to the gym, for a jog or even to the coffee shops on a casual day, it all works well. So what are you waiting for! Click!

Size chart for your selection:

Size Bust (cm) Arm’s length (cm) Top’s length (cm) Top’s width (cm) Body Weight (kg)
S 100 19 56 36 35-45
M 104 20 58 38 45-55
L 108 21 60 40 55-60
XL 112 22 62 42 60-70
XXL 116 23 64 44 70-75
3XL 120 24 66 46 75-85


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